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How Much Does Video Production Cost?

As the owner of a Video Production company, I often get asked the question: "How Much Does Video Production Cost?" It's a valid question, after all what the potential customer is getting at is: "Can I afford your services?". That is obviously an important question, but to get to the answer I have to dig a bit deeper. So, how do I respond? With an analogy. I usually asked them: "How much does it cost to build a house?". That's a loaded question, right? So many questions pop up:

  1. How big is the house?

  2. How many bedrooms?

  3. Where is it located?

  4. When do you need it completed by?

  5. Is it a luxury home or do you need basic shelter?

  6. What are you planning on using this home for - a vacation home, a rental property, a forever home, etc.?

  7. What is your budget?...and so on.

You get the idea.

Both are Houses ;)

To determine price, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered first. For instance:

  1. Approximately how long do you want the finished video to be?

  2. Is it a voice-over driven narrative?

  3. Do you need talent (actors) or will one of your employees be featured?

  4. How many locations will we be shooting at?

  5. What platform(s) will the video be on (internet, television, live stream, etc)?

  6. When do you need it completed by?

  7. What is your budget?

Don't skip the last question or be afraid to answer it. We scale our productions to your budget in order to provide the best value for your needs. If you're a big brand like Nike, you're not going to want a $3,000 video. Why? Because the resources on a $3K video are limited. Given the right budget, we can produce the level of quality that rivals the big brands. Having said that, what if your budget is $3K? Great, let's talk about what we can do for that amount, while simultaneously discussing your company's goals.

Let us know how we can engage your customer base with video production. Get in touch:

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