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How to Create an Engaging Business Video

Father David J. Simonetti , the owner of Communio Sauces, was looking for a brand video that highlighted their core values in a creative way. Their motto, “It’s More Than A Meal, It’s the Way Back Home,” speaks of the desire to be connected with others, to be part of a family and to be loved. It's a great start toward creating an engaging video, but how do you actually convey that?

Photography by Rob Benetti

Fr. David shared with me his memories of waking up on a Sunday morning to the aroma of spaghetti gravy (or sauce) cooking on the stove. In the evening, his extended family would all gather together to share in a meal and create lifelong memories. He described it as a great magical moment, free from the concerns of everyday life. For him, it was all about enjoying those moments with friends and family and carrying on that tradition. I came away from that conversation excited about the story we were going to tell. Now we have something tangible to work with!

After a couple of in-depth conversations with Fr. David about his goals, needs and project constraints, we came up with a basic approach and timeline. Together we worked on the script to make sure it stayed true to their brand while remaining concise. The final length of a video is always something I address up front with the customer in the early planning stages. If a video is too long people will get bored and disengage and you’ll end up spending money on content that won’t be seen. Conversely, if it’s too short, your message might not come across well. Oftentimes I suggest creating two version of the video. One full length version and a shorter 20-30 second version for social media. We did just that for Communio and I believe it served them well.

From a creative standpoint, we were going for a warm, inviting family atmosphere. We shot over the course of one day, at one location. To keep the budget down, we had a small 3 person crew and utilized friends and family of Fr. David's as actors. The voiceover was done by Fr. David in our edit suite during the post production phase. On a separate day, we shot the product photography of the sauces that you see on the closing call-to-action graphic. From beginning to end, the project took 4 weeks to complete. In the end, this sample is a great demonstration of how to engage your audience on an emotional level while telling your story.

At BP Video+ we don't just create great looking video, we create valuable content that’s strategically designed to help your business grow. We are a video production company who specializes in mission-driven, cost effective videos for businesses in Chicago Southland and NW Indiana.

To discuss your project, contact us at 815-272-5906 or

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