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Here at BP Video+ we talk a lot about "mission-driven" videos. What does that mean? It means figuring out what you expect your video to achieve and how to communicate that vision. It’s easy to say you want to appeal to a broad audience and hope that your video can achieve multiple objectives but not only is that a careless approach, it’s nearly impossible to do. Here’s why.

Video is THE most powerful form of advertising but only when done well. One of the components you’re up against is time. The average time people will spend watching your video is about one minute and that’s only if it’s engaging and meaningful to them. Let me repeat that, you only have approximately one minute to captivate your audience so you'd better have a good understanding of how you're going to achieve that. That leads to the second component, demographic – a predetermined grouping of people who will most likely be interested in your content. Your demographic must be determined before you conceptualize your video. The final component to determine is your objective. Here are a few to consider:

  • Are you creating brand awareness?

  • Building customer confidence?

  • Marketing a product/service?

  • Trying to establish credibility in a new market?

Having answers to these questions before you start shooting will greatly increase your chances of creating a successful video.

At BP Video+ we don't just create great looking video, we create valuable content that’s strategically designed to help your business grow. We are a video production company who specializes in mission-driven, cost effective videos for small to mid-sized businesses in Chicagoland and NW Indiana.

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