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While our main focus here at BP Video+ is to help businesses grow by creating cost-effective video content, we have a passion for making movies. In 2015, we began the arduous journey of producing our debut feature film, Redemption Way. It was a year and a half long process that was very challenging yet extremely rewarding. We acquired world-wide distribution through Vision Video and WON the bronze award for best drama under $250,000. We have plans to continue making feature films that challenge and inspire our audience.


Silent as the Grave is a mystery inspired by actual events.

A relentless documentary filmmaker struggles to unravel the mystery of his uncle's death as an unknown adversary threatens to destroy the project and his family.


The genesis of this project began shortly after I completed my debut feature film, Redemption Way, which I wrote, produced and co-directed. My aunt told me she had a great idea for my next movie. She told me about her brother, my uncle, who died in a tragic freight elevator accident at work when he was 16. I heard this story many times growing up but, I didn’t know about the many uncertainties surrounding his death. One in particular, was the fact that someone has been putting flowers on his gravesite for decades and no one in our family has any idea who it is. I immediately became fascinated with this real life mystery.


This story is meaningful to me not only because of the significant family connection but also because of the themes it explores – the importance of family and the power of forgiveness. Having received worldwide distribution for my debut feature, Redemption Way, and after winning the bronze award for best drama under $250,000 at the ICVM Film Festival, I believe I have the experience necessary to produce another successful film project. In a sense, I have lived this story and know how to bring the characters and intrigue of the mystery to life. 

My vision for the film is to draw inspiration from such film noir classics such as “The Maltese Falcon”, “Chinatown” and “Rear Window” while combining it with contemporary film language. We will be working within a Neo-noir aesthetic.

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