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Feature Films

While our main focus here at BP Video Production is to help businesses grow by creating strategic video content, we have a passion for making movies. In 2015, we began the arduous journey of producing our debut feature film, Redemption Way. In 2017, we acquired world-wide distribution and WON the bronze award for best drama under $250,000. The following year, we began work on our next feature, Silent as the Grave. After 5 years of blood, sweat and tears, it is now streaming on Amazon, Tubi & YouTube Movies. We have plans to continue making films that challenge and inspire our audience.

Silent as the Grave Movie Video Production Company

Silent as the Grave is a mystery inspired by actual events.


A relentless documentary filmmaker struggles to unravel the mystery of his uncle's death, but an unknown enemy is intent on keeping the truth buried.

Silent as the Grave IMDB Page
Silent as the Grave Facebook Page
Redemption Way Faith Based Movie | Video Production Company
Redemption Way (2017)

Growing up, Jenny and Autumn were best friends. However, a choice tore them apart. Now it will take an unthinkable sacrifice to reunite them.

Redemption Way IMDB Page
Redemption Way Facebook Page
ICVM Award Winner
CWVFF CVM Award Winner
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