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Feature Films

While our main focus here at BP Video+ is to help businesses grow by creating cost-effective video content, we have a passion for making movies. In 2015, we began the arduous journey of producing our debut feature film, Redemption Way. It was a year and a half long process that was very challenging yet extremely rewarding. We acquired world-wide distribution through Vision Video and WON the bronze award for best drama under $250,000. We have plans to continue making feature films that challenge and inspire our audience.


Silent as the Grave is a mystery inspired by actual events.


A relentless documentary filmmaker struggles to unravel the mystery of his uncle's death as an unknown adversary threatens to destroy the project and his family.

Redemption Way | BP Video+
Redemption Way (2017)

Growing up, Jenny and Autumn were best friends. However, a choice tore them apart. Now it will take an unthinkable sacrifice to reunite them.

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